20 July 2014

When Form Meets Function: My DKNY clutch

For me the best months of the year for shopping is July and January.  In Manila, these are the months when the retail stores hold their all-out sale.  Last week, when I was just "browsing" the shelves,  this beautiful red clutch caught my eye.  Not only is it in a vibrant red color, it is also a clutch that clearly defines "when form meets function".  Now that's hard to get by, especially for a clutch. 

I love the structure of this DKNY red clutch.  It will retain it's form whether the clutch has many things in it or even when there's none.  It also comes in my favorite leather of choice - Saffiano leather.  Saffiano leather is scratch resistant, water and stain resistant and it is durable leather that is easy to clean too (it is often used in Prada and Kate Spade leather goods and now, with DKNY).

Since most clutches do not have much compartments, I absolutely love that this particular clutch has two zippers to open into an extra front compartment.

Of course, the key here is not to stuff your clutch with too many things.  You might as well just bring a bag if you're going to do that (haha!).  When using a clutch, always just bring what you really need, and for this front (and flat) compartment, you could put your credit card, paper bills, driver's license and your hotel key card.

A single magnet closes the flap of the clutch.  No fuss.

To open the main compartment, there is a zipper to secure the contents which is a good thing as most clutches do not have a zipper for the main compartment.  I have spilled the contents of my clutch so many times that I'm really happy that this clutch has a zipper for the main compartment.

Alright, it may look small, but I actually tested this clutch and here's what I can fit in it:  My compact camera, my Samsung Galaxy tab 3, my business cards, a hand sanitizer, my car keys, a small vial of perfume, a small press powder, a lipstick and an eyelash curler.  

The clutch that packs it in.  The depth is 1 3/4 of an inch, the height is 8 inches and the width is 10 1/4 inches. 

How about you, any great finds lately?

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