27 May 2014

Cookie Shots by Cookie Bar Manila

Last year, when the Cronut madness started, I never really got into it.  Even when famous bakeries and hotels made their own version of the pastry of the moment, somehow, I never really had a craving for it nonetheless, fall in line for one.

This year, it’s a different story.  Cronut creator and French pastry chef Dominique Ansel created the new dessert of the moment called the Cookie Shot and it has sparked enough curiosity for me to search for a version of one here in the Philippines.  

It’s a good thing that my foodie friend, Michelle also likes desserts, we were talking about the Cookie Shot one day and she said that Cookie Bar has their own version of it.  She made the orders online and we had the cookies delivered to our office.  I tell you, the suspense almost killed me (well not exactly, haha), but I was really curious about Cookie Bar’s version. 

After 5 days from ordering online, our Cookie Shots finally arrived at the office, It smelled so good, I couldn’t wait to bring them home and try it with milk!

A Cookie Shot is a Cookie shaped into a shot glass and lined with chocolate.  You can fill it with milk and take cookie milk shots!  Others have been creative with filling the Cookie Shot glasses with ice cream, coffee and even Baileys! (Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur). 

At first, I was a bit afraid that the milk might leak through the cookie or worse, crumble while I was alternately sipping the milk and nibbling down the cookie shot glass.  But it didn’t!  I love this new dessert of the moment (and yes, I just ordered another box). 

Have you tried the Cookie Shot?  Find Manila’s version from Cookie Bar, here.

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