08 April 2014

Celebrating The Graduate

It’s time for a celebration!  My eldest nephew (a.k.a. my little brother), Jolo, has just graduated from college and was able to get a job before his graduation (woohoo!  Good times!).  So, during a weekday, we were able to squeeze in some time to gather for lunch at Kai, Greenbelt 5 to celebrate The Graduate and his new milestones. I have asked them to go ahead and order as I was running late.

As I was walking to meet them for lunch, I was having flashbacks in my mind on how fast time flies.  When Jolo was an infant, I used to babysit him when his parents were at work.  As he grew up, although I was his aunt, I also (sort of) became his elder sister too.  I would take him to our company’s Children’s Christmas party, he would come with me during our family day which is usually in the summer and he would run around, swim and frolic in the sun with the other kids, he also joined a group of students (who were also nephews, nieces, sons, daughters, of employees) for an internship at the office.  

As he matured, I saw him hone his entrepreneurial skills, make his own decisions, learn from his own life challenges and finally, found God (hence the shirt “All His”).

Mickey and Jolo

When I arrived at Kai, my mom and dad were already halfway through their meal while Mickey and Jolo’s food orders has just arrived.  I gave the wait staff my order and caught up with them in their “kwentuhan”.

My mom, dad and I ordered from Kai’s Special Teishoku Lunch Set (sorry, no photos of these, we were famished!) while Mickey and Jolo both had Donburi.

U.S. Beef Gyudon

 Chicken/Pork Katsudon

After lunch, we headed on to Chatteau 1771 (also in Greenbelt 5) to have some coffee and dessert and spend more time celebrating the graduate and his new job.

Of course, these two are always sharing a laugh 

 Dad and Mom enjoying the lush greenery (and the shade) at Greenbelt Park

Love the fresh flower centerpieces at Chatteau 1771!

The younger ones (Jolo, Mickey and Me) ordered the sinful desserts while the young at heart (mom and dad) ordered coffee.  Good job mom and dad, your doctors will be very happy, haha!

Triple Chocolate Mousse

Panna Cotta

Mango Jubilee

Here we are celebrating The Graduate (left): Mickey, Me, Mom (right): Jolo and Dad

To our Dear Jolo, Congratulations!  Enjoy the journey! 

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