03 February 2014

How To Fit a Dining Area Into A Small Space

Can you imagine how you can fit a dining area into a 2.5 square meter space?  Well, that's what Mickey and I did over the weekend, we had a "weekend warrior" moment.  Haha!

For five years, since we moved into our own condo. we had an average look for our dining space.  This year, we wanted a dining space that would not only serve as a place to eat, chat, laugh but also a cozy dining space where we can linger.  We made it our home goal for 2014 that we should be able to have our little nook finished by end of January so we can work on other home goals within the year.  Purchases were carefully made for this space in trickles and it's always a decision that both of us made (married couples, you know what I mean, right?  Read: no girly designs in the common space).

We have decided to use the beautiful dinnerware, flatware and crystal glasses for everyday use.  I know this may come as a shock especially for our parent's generation where beautiful pieces are only meant to be used for special occasions.  Well, not this couple, in our space, everyday for us, is a special day.

Ready?  Here's how we did it: 

We started with an empty canvas, took out our existing dining table and chairs and started with a clean slate.  It's a tight spot right?  Nothing a little glamming up can't fix! 

We wanted a really nice mirror for the blank wall to create the illusion of space, but after checking what is available in the stores for months, we are delaying that a bit until we find the perfect mirror for our space.  For now, we are using a three piece premium canvas art from Easyart that we bought from The SM Store.

There are many designs (of vacations spots, architecture and nature) available for Easyart, but we chose the Paris Metro Station design which matched the scroll design of our dining chairs.

Since this design is only temporary until we find the perfect mirror (plus we don't like putting holes on our walls), we are securing the canvas art  with Scotch mounting tape that we bought from the hardware store.

Mounting the canvas art can be quite tricky, so measure, measure, measure.

Measure the distance from the nearest edge of the wall to the top of the canvas.  We started with the middle portion of the three piece canvas art lightly securing it to the wall with the mounting tapes so we can still move it in case it is misaligned.

Then we mount the first and third canvas, measuring carefully the gap between each canvas (you can of course, adjust to your desired spacing.  For ours, we have 1 and a half inch gap between each canvas). 

After some careful measuring, our canvas art is finally up and fills the blank wall

We bought the dining chairs at last year's Manila Fame event from Manila Fame exhibitor, More Than A Chair.  They are 100% Philippine-made from skilled furniture makers in Pampanga.

We ordered the chairs in the same fabric we found them in during the Manila Fame event, which is called Linen No. 15, the back rest is tufted and provides a lot of support and the the carvings on the sides are made of pure wood.

We are still looking for a table that would match our chairs, so for now, we'll be using our old dining table.

Our old dining table does not exactly match our new chairs, so we'll do a little designer trickery and cover the table with a simple table cloth that closely matched the color of our chairs.

We found this inexpensive polyester table cloth from Hosh at The SM Store.  It's so inexpensive that we bought four in different designs!  If you read this blog often, you'll know that I'm the type who likes to change it up every 3 months for a fresh look. 

We bought the bigger table cloth size in 70" that fits round tables for 6-8 persons so we can cover the table fully and hide the legs.  Plus, it looks so much glamorous to have the table cloth falls exactly to the ground.

For the table setting, we'll be using the beautiful dinnerware, flatware and crystal glasses for everyday.  Instead of placemats, we are using the silver chargers we bought at Rustan's Shangri-la and our bone China dinnerware set from Lenox's Opal Innocence line.

The crystal champagne flutes are from my mom (I love that the scroll etching on the flutes match the scroll designs on the canvas art and the dining chairs) and the Lucaris crystal water goblets are from The SM Store.

We bought these silver coasters from Rustan's Shangri-la

The flatware is a mix of both from Robert Welch bought from Rustan's Shangri-la and Sola Swiss

The table napkins are from Waverly bought at Gourdo's.  I realized that I do not have napkin rings at home, so I improvised and used my bracelet as a napkin ring for this table setting (which thankfully, matched the design).

  Here's our current table setting and Finally, our cozy dining nook at home

I think that no matter the size, each space has the potential to look beautiful.  It just takes a little bit of imagination and creativity.

Do you feel like glamming up your own cozy dining nook?  Here are some of our favorite shopping haunts:

Three-piece canvas art:  Paris Metro Station by Easyart from The SM Store
Two dining chairs with carved wood scroll design:  More Than A Chair
70" Polyester table cloth:  Hosh from The SM Store
Silver chargers:  Rustan's Shangri-la
Bone China Dinnerware:  Lenox Opal Innocence
Crystal champagne flutes:  From my mom (Thanks mom!)
Crystal water goblets:  Lucaris from The SM Store 
Silver coasters:  Rustan's Shangri-la
Flatware:  Robert Welch from Rustan's Shangri-la and Sola Swiss
Table napkins:  Waverly from Gourdo's

Have a great week ahead!

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