28 December 2013

Finding the perfect tablet case

I was so happy when I finally got my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from Globe's loyalty program.  My old Blackberry was slowly showing signs of dying.  Parts of the rubber casing were slowly peeling off and I have to admit, it was a bit embarrassing to use it in public with it's internal parts showing.  Haha!
It took a couple of weeks before I was finally able to use my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 since I wanted to look for a pretty tablet case to protect my new phone before using it.  While going around the stores, I realized that it was quite difficult to find a case for a non-Apple brand.  Let's face it, most brands carry tablet cases made only for the Ipad.  
I found a pretty tablet case in Kate Spade, it was made of coated poplin and had the drive-in movie theatre marquee as it's design, but it was made for the Ipad.  So, I said to myself, I'll just get this. 

The case was too big for my 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

I was also worried that the phone might move around a lot in the case since it had excess space.  The new tablets are sensitive and this really doesn't protect much as it should.  

A few days later, I found this pretty bright pink Marc by Marc Jacobs case.  Yipee! (does cartwheels)

I was curious if my phone would fit in the case since it looked like it was the same size. Of course, I wasn't counting on it, but the sales associate in the store asked me if I wanted to check if it would fit.  So I did. 

It does!  Now, it's the right fit and secured safely by the elastic and leather bands at the corners.  

The neoprene tablet cover is paded and had the signature 'standard supply' plaque logo in the front.  The downside of this case is that you have to take the phone out of the case when you need to take photos because it doesn't have a provision for the camera lens.  Other than that, it's all good.   So, I got it! 

Using it now and loving it.  I've also started using my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, had my SIM changed to Globe's LTE SIM and loving the speed of the internet in areas where there is LTE coverage. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


Unknown said...

Hi. I recently purchased a samsung tab 3 and have been looking for a pretty case when I came upon your blog. Can I ask where you were able to buy the marc jacobs case?

Tina Villa said...

Hi George, I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Marc by Marc Jacobs case at 158 Designers Blvd. (a Stores Specialists outlet) at Eastwood Mall. I went ahead and called the store for you at 706-5194 and there is still one left in pink (just like mine). Hurry, call them to reserve. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 cases are hard to come by.

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