17 July 2013

A lawyer who will help you every step of the way: Atty. Philip De Jesus

My parents has been into business since I was young.  They told me how important it is to have a lawyer who has both the expertise and the experience.  Someone who will walk the extra mile and will give you peace of mind.  Atty. Philip De Jesus (or Ping to us) has taken care of my parents businesses legally, I saw how he works closely with them, educating them about the law and would always be steps ahead in terms of what needs to be done and more.  My parents has established so much trust and confidence in Ping that they would call him for consultation and he would always be there to help them.    

Ping has been friends with Mickey since their high school days at UP Integrated School.  He and Mickey are such good friends that Mickey asked Ping to be his best man during our wedding.   

After graduating from Ateneo de Manila Law School he immediately worked with his dad's law firm where he honed his skills in litigation.  He also worked as corporate lawyer for a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank and a major commercial bank, BDO, where he was in charge of fraud and preventive litigation.  Ping has returned to private practice since May 2013. 

Recently, Mickey has left the corporate world to pursue a passion of his.  Ping helped Mickey with the framework of his business in terms of registering his business at DTI, trademark registration, business contracts, etc.  Indeed it is great to have both a lawyer and a friend you can rely on.

Are you in need of a lawyer to represent and defend you?  or simply want a lawyer who can give you piece of mind?  Call Atty. Philip De Jesus (or Atty. Ping) at Norberto S. Gonzales & Associates Law Office at (+63-2) 687-1950, (+63-2) 697-1951, (+63-2) 687-1949.  His office is  located at 2303 Antel Global Corporate Center, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

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