06 December 2012

How to: wrap gifts using furoshiki cloth

I've stumbled upon this video from Recycle Now that teaches the art of gift wrapping - Japanese style.  Furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that was frequently used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods.  It is also a creative way of wrapping gifts.

All you need is a large piece of cloth to create beautifully wrapped presents.  Just keep in mind that the cloth must be big enough to wrap around the present several times and remember not to use fabrics that are heavy or it will be difficult to knot.    

Aside from Furoshiki cloth, you can also use a silk/polyester scarf, a pashmina, a tablecloth or even fabric remnants. You can also use this gift tag from Recycle Now so that the recipient of the gift would know where to watch the video and possibly, learn how to make a bag out of the cloth.

Here are other techniques for wrapping from furoshiki.com:


(photo credit: furoshiki.com)

Click here for full illustrations. 

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DIY Corporate Mom said...

Found your blog while searching google for the Shelter store in Shang Mall. I'm a new follower! Love all the home stuff you're sharing!

Tina said...

Hi DIY Corporate Mom! You just made my day! I absolutely love beautiful things for the home and I share the best ones here on my blog. Thank you for following, it's nice to know we share a share the same fascination for beautiful things. Have a great weekend ahead!