30 November 2012

Quirky Indie Café: Subspace Coffee House

Thor Balanon of Space Encounters invited me and Mickey to come see their Indie Café, Subspace which is just a skip and a hop away from their funky mid-century modern furniture shop.  

When we arrived at Subspace, there was an on-going pre-nuptial photo shoot.  We found out that a lot of couples who are about to get married prefer to have their photos taken at this quaint and quirky Indie Café.  It’s really a fun place to do a shoot!  

Let me show you the place:

Signs of miniature plant life and some wooden bugs

Christmas arrives in Subspace

I jokingly asked Thor about these water bazookas by the door, "Can customers actually use them?"  
To which he answered, "If they want to, they can!" (laughs).  Cool! 

Beneath the funky collection of vinyl toys is Subspace's drink list

You can take your coffee or tea with a selection of pastries and bread at Subspace

The comfy seating is of course by Space Encounters

Wishbone chairs hang in the ceiling with incandescent light fixtures 
together with some very well-dressed bears

At Subspace, you can get your K-Pop fix too with these merchandise

Just like their furniture shop, Space Encounters, you'll also find vintage finds here.  Such as this cash register and check writer.

A pink rotary pay phone

On a section of the coffee shop are these hand-written messages from regular customers greeting them on their anniversary 

I so agree!

These are some really small, vintage video games.  I love the colorful control knobs.

An old Siemens wall phone that blended with the coffee shops' industrial feel.  The handset sure looks like it's heavy!  I'm pretty sure no long phone calls were made in the past.  This handset could be a small barbell in itself!

A vintage TV with a really tiny screen 

Thank you Thor for making us these drinks!:  Mickey's Peanut Butter Latte and my Purple Potato Latte.  We love it!  No wonder these are your best-sellers!

Subspace is definitely a great new place to hang out in!  Visit them at the Ground Floor of Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  For inquiries, call (63-2) 655-7077. 

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