03 November 2012

How to jazz up your flats: from flat to fabulous!

I love these Chelsea flats from Lower East Side that I bought from Payless, it’s just PHP 695.00!  Here’s the admission, I have four of these - in black, nude, brown and this latest one in coral.  The reason for the shameless hoarding is that I’ve tested this particular Chelsea flat and it really lasts long (up to more than a year!).  I always kid Mickey, "I've got more mileage on my flats than our car!"  An exaggeration of course, but it just tells you how I love using my flats to walk around in.

Whenever I feel like jazzing up my flats, I do a two-fold use on my accessories.  For the first two looks, I used these inexpensive hair clips from Forever 21. If the clips are tight, I place a bit of tissue between the clip and the shoe so it won’t make a mark. 

On this third look, I used a clip-on earring from Forever 21.  I also put a bit of tape over the back of the earring inside the shoe.  

Alternatively, if you have flats that are made of fabric, you can also pin on a brooch (even if they are different designs) or even hair accessories with flowers on them.  The choices, really are endless!

Inexpensive, simple and effective, exactly how customizing should be! Go ahead, try it on your shoes and have fun! 

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