26 August 2012

Academy of Rock

A group of popular local musicians were jamming behind the glass walls of the Academy of Rock and a crowd has already gathered outside to watch them. Mickey and I got curious, and found ourselves going inside to watch them play.

We found out that the musicians playing were also professors at the Academy of Rock, a music school that focuses on teaching rock and popular music. In the school, they say that it's “never too early” and “never too late” to learn to play the drums, guitar or the bass and also learn to sing and dance. Their brochures feature students as young as 5 years old and as “young at heart” as 66 years old.

 They gave us a tour of the school.  Here's the Academy of Rock in photos:

I absolutely love that the learning studios are named after popular bands such as The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Journey, etc.    As a student of music, it somehow inspires you to dream big!

The keyboard room

The guitar room

The drum room (they also have acoustic drums by the way).  Of course, Mickey sampled the electronic drums! (He used to play with his college band in UP and was front act for the bands Art Start and South Border in a UP Project concert.  He also played in our church's music ministry)

The professors jamming at the Academy of Rock

We also bumped into the beautiful and talented Aliya Parcs,
who we found out will also be teaching voice lessons in the school

The fees for the music classes

The fees for the dance classes

Remember, it's never too early or too late to learn!

Academy of Rock is located at Level 3, Powerplant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Makati City, Philippines. 
For inquiries, call (63-2) 822-3333.

Visit their facebook page at:


Academy of Rock Phillipines said...

Thank you for this rad blog! As a form of gratitude, we will feature you on our facebook page :) Keep rocking!

Tina Villa said...

Thank you Academy of Rock!

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